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Wie funktioniert die MS-01 Work Station?
Kleiner und leistungsfähiger Mini-PC - EM780

Small and powerful mini PC - EM780

Various mini PCs have appeared, but their size is at least 0.5 liters or more, and the performance of mini PCs smaller than 0.5 liters is relatively average. In most opinions, the size of t...

Unterschiede zwischen UM790 Pro und UM760 Pro


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MS-01: Der erste Mini-Arbeitsplatz von Minisforum

MS-01: The first mini workstation from Minisforum

MS-01 is the first mini workstation developed by MINISFORUM to be equipped with a 10Gb Ethernet port. It was originally designed to meet the needs of users who require high computing power an...

UM790 PRO mit aktualisiertem Aussehen

UM790 PRO with updated appearance

In 2023, Minisforum launched a mini PC equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS - Venus Series UM790 Pro. As an annual bestseller, it was characterized by a metal housing and a very hig...