MINISFORUM was founded by a group of computer engineers who have a passion for advanced technology and design.

Since our founding in 2012, we have been committed to innovating and producing outstanding products.

Our goals

MINISFORUM aims to be the best innovator, manufacturer and supplier of mini PCs and bring our customers unparalleled satisfaction and reliability with our products. You will definitely be surprised and amazed by our small but powerful mini PC.

Customer-friendly customer service system

MINISFORUM listens to the constructive opinions of each user and pays attention to customer needs. From this, a large number of innovations were realized and innovative ideas were merged into every product of the company. Through these products, our customers truly benefit from the convenience of everyday life.

Strict quality control

Each of our products is carefully crafted. When it comes to materials, we strive for excellence and when it comes to design and style, we strive for ultimate perfection. A simple combination of parts is never our taste. Better optimization and integration to achieve the best performance of the product is our task.

Customer first

MINISFORUM is committed to providing our customers with high quality customer service. We appreciate every suggestion. This means that all contacts are taken into account within 24 hours. You can also share your problems using it with other users in our forum.