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Our refurbished products have been repaired and inspected, come complete with accessories and are in good working order.

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Each certified refurbished unit comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty for your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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8 Produkte

MINISFORUM UM560 XT RefurbishedMINISFORUM UM560 XT Refurbished
MINISFORUM UM560 XT Refurbished Angebotab € 134,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 289,00 EUR
EliteMini TH80 RefurbishedEliteMini TH80 Refurbished
EliteMini TH80 Refurbished Angebotab € 259,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 569,00 EUR
Minisforum EliteMini GK41 Mini PCMinisforum EliteMini GK41 Mini PC
Minisforum GK41 Refurbished Angebotab € 100,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 209,00 EUR
Minisforum EliteMini JB95 Mini PC Intel Celeron J4125 ProzessorMinisforum EliteMini JB95 Mini PC
Minisforum JB95 Refurbished Angebotab € 100,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 229,00 EUR
Spare €90,00
Minisforum EliteMini N40 Mini PC Intel Celeron Gemini Lake N4020
Minisforum N40 Refurbished Angebot€ 79,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 169,00 EUR
Minisforum NAB5/NAB6 RefurbishedMinisforum NAB5/NAB6 Refurbished
Minisforum NAB5/NAB6 Refurbished Angebotab € 274,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 489,00 EUR
Minisforum HX77G/HX80G//HX90G/HX99G RefurbishedMinisforum HX77G/HX80G//HX90G/HX99G Refurbished
Minisforum HX77G/HX80G//HX90G/HX99G Refurbished Angebotab € 467,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 729,00 EUR
Minisorum UM790 Pro RefurbishedMinisorum UM790 Pro Refurbished
Minisorum UM790 Pro Refurbished Angebotab € 380,00 EUR Regulärer Preis€ 719,00 EUR


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