How should the PoE connection be used?

Minisforum S100

There are general application scenarios for the S100 Mini PC with PoE connection.

It is commonly used in home use as a TV or desktop that stays on for long periods of time.

Outdoors, it can be used as an advertising board or in other control systems that require long operation with low power consumption.

It should be noted that when using a PoE power supply, the power consumption is 25.5 W.

VoIP telephone system

Enterprise communications systems use PoE-powered VoIP phones to facilitate unified management and cabling.

Routers with PoE

Wireless Access Point (AP): Provides wireless network coverage in shopping malls, schools, airports, etc. without the need for separate wiring and power for each access point.

Industrial automation system

In industrial environments, PoE can provide stable power for sensors, controllers and other devices and support long-distance transmission.

Intelligent building systems

These include smart lighting, security systems, environmental monitoring, etc., it increases deployment flexibility.

Retail and catering

Use PoE-powered electronic tags, payment terminals and monitoring systems for easy device management and maintenance.

IoT and Smart Cities

PoE technology can power various IoT devices and sensors in smart city applications and supports large-scale deployment.

Multimedia playback

In digital signage or multimedia playback systems, PoE can power media players and facilitate the deployment of information display devices in public areas.

The benefits of PoE technology include simplified cabling, reduced installation costs, increased flexibility and reliability, and support for remote management and power delivery for a wide range of applications that require both network and power.
However, the evolution of PoE technology also brings new challenges such as increased current, power delivery distance limitations and wire quality requirements. Therefore, these factors must be considered when designing and implementing a PoE system to ensure system stability and reliability.

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