How is the CPU installed on the Minisforum B550?

Wie wird die CPU auf dem Minisforum B550 installiert?
Elite Mini B550

The first pre-orders have already been sent. Have you already received your product and are you looking forward to replacing your CPU?

Below are instructions for replacing (installing) your B550 CPU

1. Disassemble the machine and remove the back of the device;

2. Remove the WLAN card, do not pull out the antenna cable;

3. Carefully pull out the LED light cable;

4. Pull out the motherboard;

5. Remove the hard drive bracket;

6. Remove the CPU cooler;

7. Turn to the other side and remove the fan;

8. Install the CPU securely;

9. Connect the fan (make sure there is thermal paste);

10. Install the CPU coolers;

11. Install memory;

12. Reinstall the board in the specified direction (Pcle interface side);

13. Connect the LED light;

14. Install the wireless LAN card and hard drive bracket;

15. Install the hard drive. (within 7MM thickness);

16. Once the SSD is installed, reattach the bottom plate.

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