UM790 PRO with updated appearance

UM790 PRO mit aktualisiertem Aussehen

In 2023, Minisforum launched a mini PC equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS - Venus Series UM790 Pro. As an annual bestseller, it was characterized by a metal housing and a very high-quality appearance. It also had a variety of ports and a new graphical BIOS user interface. The ability to create RAID hard drive arrays also piqued the interest of many Mini PC enthusiasts.

However, this year Minisforum changed the case and logo printing to improve customer experience. After replacing the case, the machine only weighs 606 g, which is significantly lighter.

Below are the specific differences (old version on the left, new version on the right):


The logo was changed from nickel metal to a screen printing process to avoid the logo protruding after long-term use. The patchwork metal casing has been replaced with a plastic cover.

Other sides

The layout of the interfaces has not changed, but the WLAN antenna is now connected to the upper case instead of the lower cover.



Left side

right side


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