The differences between the Venus Series NPB7, NPB6 and NPB5 products.

Die Unterschiede zwischen den Produkten Venus Series NPB7, NPB6 und NPB5.

Minisforum offers a variety of similar products, which makes choosing difficult!

In this article we will introduce the Intel-based Venus Series NPB7, NPB6 and NPB5. Hopefully this can help you choose the most suitable model for you.

The Venus series NPB7・NPB6・NPB5 also supports DDR5 dual-channel memory and has an M.2 2280 PCIe4.0 SSD slot. There are no differences in terms of memory and storage space configuration.

The interfaces are also the same, with two Ethernet LAN ports (2.5G Ethernet port), two HDMI outputs (4K@60Hz compatible) and two USB4 ports (8K@60Hz compatible), allowing up to four displays can be used at the same time.

Therefore, this is ideal for building a home server or multi-display work environment.

The biggest difference between NPB5, NPB6 and NPB7 is that they use different CPUs.


Intel Core i5-13500H

Intel Core i7-13620H

Intel Core i7-13700H

12 cores / 16 threads

10 cores / 16 threads

14 cores / 20 threads

max. clock frequency 4.7 GHz

max. clock frequency 4.9 GHz

max. clock frequency 5.0 GHz

Based on the above information, the NPB7 is undoubtedly the best choice for those who need high multi-core performance. However, for those looking for a balanced number of cores and clock speed, the NPB6 or NPB5 might be more suitable.

The NPB6 features Intel UHD Graphics, while the NPB5 and NPB7 feature Intel Iris Xe Graphics. They provide stable performance for your PC.

Both graphics units offer the same functions, but UHD has slightly lower performance compared to Iris Xe due to a smaller number of processing units.

Therefore, the NPB5 is the perfect choice when the budget is limited and there are no high performance requirements.

It offers sufficient performance at an affordable price. For those looking for a reliable computer for everyday use with performance requirements, the NPB6 is the undisputed king of value for money.

For those looking for the best performance within their budget, the NPB7 is undoubtedly the optimal choice. It offers the most powerful processor and graphics card combination in these three models, ensuring a smooth experience.

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