What is AtomMan???

With the rapid growth of user groups and increasingly diverse needs, more users are beginning to crave for products with more extreme performance and higher-quality service. In order to meet the pursuit of the ultimate products and services, the new AtomMan brand has emerged!

AtomMan is MINISFORUM's new high-end brand. It is committed to developing high-tech products with utimate performance. Based on strong product performance, exquisite product craftsmanship, and high-quality services, it showcases the charm of a premium technology brand. In the future, the brand will operate with independent product lines, separate service policies, and exclusive dealer channels.

Currently,AtomMan is divided into two sub-series:
X series---Exploration / AI series---X7 Ti、X7 Pt
G series---Gaming game series---G7 Ti、G7 Pt


X7 Ti

Intel's new AI Mini PC! It is equipped with the latest Intel Core Ultra9 185H flagship AI processor, adopts the XPU architecture composed of CPU/GPU/NPU 3U in one, and has a computing power of up to 34TOPS, bringing users a new AI PC experience.


X7 Pt

X7 Pt water-cooled mini computer, it is the smallest known mini computer with built-in water cooling in the world. With the dual support of "Zen4" CPU architecture and RDNA3 graphics card architecture, it brings strong performance and gaming entertainment experience.


G7 Ti

High-end MINI game console G7 Ti: It uses Intel's latest 14th generation i9-14900HX processor, paired with NVIDIA RTX4070 full-blood version 140W independent graphics card! The hard-core configuration can not only play 3A game masterpieces, but also support productivity work such as local AI generation.


G7 Pt

The industry's first and most powerful A+A mini console with flagship configuration! It is also the first mini host to support PCIE 5.0 SSD! G7 Pt is the world's first AMD Advantage certified mini-host! This represents a high-performance game console powered by the powerful combination of AMD processors and AMD graphics cards.

Customer Service

Gaining customer trust is the foundation of a brand's survival, especially for high-end brands. In terms of services: We provide 5 exclusive premium services for AtomMan brand users, which include:

7*24 hours online customer service