Note on Minisforum B550

Hinweis zum Minisforum B550


The PSU bracket can mount ATX (with 3 mounting holes) and SFX power supplies. On some ATX power supplies, the air intake is directed towards the GPU's air intake. However, this does not affect performance.

Warning: Before using the PSU, you must unplug the Mini PC's power adapter. If the PSU and power supply are used at the same time, there is a risk of a short circuit that could damage your device.

CPU and RAM:

At the moment the B550 does not fully support the 5600X and 5700X CPU. When using these two CPUs, we need to limit the speed of dual RAM to 2666MHz or use only 3200MHz RAM. If you need the help in adjusting RAM speed, please contact our support team and we will send you a BIOS update file to adjust RAM speed to 2666MHz. We will also update the BIOS so that they can be fully supported. But for now we recommend our customers to use CPUs ending in "G" like 5700G.


Please note that the graphics card dock can only support up to 2 slots. Cards with 3 slots cannot be inserted. In addition, the side of the graphics card must be thinner than 54 mm.

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